Bohemian Rhapsody ★★★½

“it’s an experience - love, tragedy, joy... it’s something that people will feel belongs to them.” 

UPDATE: my thoughts on this movie have changed since i wrote this review below but i don’t really want to get into detail about how i feel about it now so i’m just going to change my rating to three and a half stars. 

you know a film is truly powerful when it moves you to tears and transports you to another world. this is exactly how bohemian rhapsody aka one of my most anticipated films of the year made me feel and i’m so glad i finally got to experience it on the big screen in a packed theatre with my parents. the room was filled with so much good energy and laughter and knowing that my parents enjoyed it just as much as i did made me really happy. 

as someone who didn’t really grow up with queen’s music or had a deep connection to them, this film managed to affect me on an emotional level that i didn’t think was possible and that was mostly due to the iconic live aid performance. i was chills and tears galore throughout that entire scene, especially during “we are the champions” — seeing the ginormous crowd singing along hit me so hard and made me feel like i was actually there. 

another scene that stood out to me and really tugged at the heartstrings was the one where freddie was leaving the clinic but then stops in his tracks when he hears a young boy singing “ayyy-oh” and says “ay-oh” back to him. that was such a beautiful yet subtle moment and i’m so glad it was included (i could probably go on about more scenes that stood out to me but i think i’ll just leave it here) 

speaking of going on about things, i could not stop thinking and talking about the acting and cinematography once the film was over. first of all, rami malek delivered an oscar-winning, career-defining and utterly captivating performance as the legendary freddie mercury. he was the perfect choice for that role along with ben hardy, gwilym lee and joseph mazzello who played the other members of queen. those three delivered some of the best one-liners. second of all, it was brilliantly shot from beginning to end and that’s that on that. 

on a slightly different note, i really don’t understand a lot of the criticism surrounding the film. i know it’s inevitable and you can’t please everyone, especially when it comes to biopics, but it was all just a bit surprising to see. i mean i’m aware that the timeline was off at times, but that honestly didn’t bother me at all. the point is that they managed to explore so many different aspects of freddie’s life (career, family, relationships, sexuality, health) in two hours & thirteen minutes and that’s pretty impressive to me.

overall and in my opinion, bohemian rhapsody was a beautiful, funny, emotional, informative and very well-made tribute that captured freddie and queen’s legacy in the best way that it could. 🤴🏻🎸

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