Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★★

“i’m with a guy who don’t know where wyoming is, you think you got problems?” 

after recently watching mindhunter, i knew i had to give this absolute classic a watch and as i expected, it was nothing short of brilliant. al pacino is without a doubt a master at his craft and his portrayal of the real john wojtowicz, aka sonny wortzik in the film, was so emotive and captivating. the story itself was also very gripping, bizarre, comical, oddly progressive and unlike anything i’ve ever seen before. 

that one shot where the crowd of lgbt activists were chanting and cheering for sonny really stood out to me and brought tears to my eyes. it was just so powerful, as was the whole film. 

glad to say this is a new favourite of mine. 💸

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