Skyfall ★★★★★

Old dog, new tricks.

Not seen this in a few years and it still holds up! Tied with Casino Royale as Craigs best, both are great and unpredictable, Skyfall is better shot since its Deakins but both villains are equal, the ending of Casino Royale was better, both films have a strong start and strong bond song, Skyfall carrying on with fantastic stunts matching Casino Royale, I have Casino Royale as my no.1 in my ranking but it’s interchangeable with this, I guess Bond’s brutality and recklessness I really loved in Casino Royale, since it was a huge surprise. First watch in 4K!

I won’t say how for people who haven’t watched this but I love that the opening is a mission gone wrong, groundbreaking for the Bond franchise and character. I love the opening credits sequence and this music video style trademark which has stayed with the franchise since the 60s! I find that so cool and crazy, it’s very cinematic, along with Casino Royale, this may be the best opening credits, smooth transitions and clever foreshadowing. Looking forward to seeing No Time to Die. 

Love how this film is standalone too, I liked the two parter of the previous films but this is fresh and new, you can just put it on no bother. Craig’s not had the best run, Casino Royale was amazing, Quantum of Solace was no where near the same level and very disappointing, Skyfall amazing, Spectre very disappointing so heres hoping No Time to Die is amazing, Craigs last outing.

“Don't touch your ear” nice callback to Casino Royale

I love how it deals with Bond getting older, the older films never did this, as Bond was always prime and fit for every mission but here there’s more depth and characterization on top of the character and story! What a film for a 50th anniversary, Roger Deakins and Sam Mendes collaboration, and a swan song for Judi Dench to go out on with her portraying M since Goldeneye (1995) The entrance of the bond villain with a killer monologue, Silva felt like a Batman villain, he was so smart but I will forever think Anton is Javiers best role and villain. There is the trope of a rogue agent I know but he played it so well. Skyfall introduces Q, Moneypenny and M very nicely, a cast of Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Ben Wishaw, Ralph Fiennes, Naomi Harris, Rory Kinnear, Javier Bardem, I do love the cast for this. Craig is the best bond actor and gives the best performance here and thats coming from someone who had loved the other films/actors! 

This felt like the perfect blend of old and new Bond, it’s new and updated with technology, a modern age espiage but still has the magic of the old films. Love the use of location in this, London, Shanghai, Scotland, it really does feel like Bond travels everywhere. This is the Best film that highlights location too. 

The silhouttes are incredible in this, beautiful establishment shots, one of the cleanest looking films ever, only Roger Deakins can make grey look exciting, Thomas Newman delivered a very nice soundtrack too, my favourite soundtrack from Craigs run. Just like 1917, it really felt Sam Mendes made this with a lot of detail and care with every scene. I guess my only gripe with this, was the home alone stuff at the end and how quickly Bond gets back into his job (This isn’t Dark Knight Rises, I know) which could of developed into a PTSD arc but for the film it’s only 2 hrs 20 and they need to deliver an adrenaline pumped kick ass spy movie which Sam Mendes did deliver on. I love how the gun barrel scenes are at the end instead of the beginning, I prefer it. This film and Fallout are proof that Chris Nolans approach and style to film has made a huge impact on cinema.

Bond ranked

James Bond will return...

Fun fact: Just a small movie detail I love, there’s painting of a boat sinking, at the end you see a boat painting again and it is restored and ready for action.

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