Our Children

Our Children ★★★★

Gosh, this movie made me feel so exhausted and drained that I had to take a deep breath after watching just to collect my thought.

The car scene where Murielle driving alone is the most painful one that I personally could feel her pain in my own chest. Émilie Dequenne is such a brilliant actress that I could feel the anxiety and the constant feeling of being trapped that was experienced by Murielle and oh boy, it was extremely heavy.

Our Children is raw, bleak, claustraphobic and not for the faint hearted. It was disturbing to some point. But sadly, this is a bleak reality some women had to deal with out there. A tale of motherhood that wasn't sugarcoated by wonderful things we heard about being a mother. Just a friendly advice, please don't watch this when you're currently feeling down or in a bad mood because it would drain your energy even more.

Is this a good movie? Absolutely. Will I give it a rewatch one day? Maybe, if I feel mentally stable enough... which means the chances are slim to none.