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  • Lucky Chan-sil

    Lucky Chan-sil


    Kim Choo-hee’s film revels in true indie spirit. This is why when Chan-sil (Gang Mal-geum) completely disregards a Christopher Nolan fan who calls Ozu’s film as movie pieces where nothing much happens, you smile inwardly. The fact that she was herself a producer and short film director before she made this film gives it a charming meta relevance in the independent cinema circuit. A deadpan tone and leisurely pace also ensure that it’s existential angst are never down poured on…

  • The Disciple

    The Disciple


    Chaitanya Tamahe’s meditative sophomore feature ‘The Disciple,’ opens with a small-scaled concert where a veteran Indian Classical singer is performing khayal (one of the most popular and ancient vocal genres in Hindustani Music). The camera slowly glides through the audience towards him and eventually to his disciple who looks up to him in complete awe. The adoration on his face comes from years and years of musical grooming by his father – a failed artist who left him with his…

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  • Control



    The colour scheme is fuckin' black & white, and they fuckin' speak as if there's a golden shite. The fuckin' movies are all overblown, the fuckin' powers and all those fuckin' guns. The fuckin' people are fuckin' stupid, they fuckin' talk as if they know it.

    The fuckin' music is fuckin' fucked, what sadness can give, not a fuckin' thing could. The fuckin' love is fuckin' unreal, with all the fuckin' dance and all them fuckin' seals.

    The fuckin' cigarette is…

  • Blue Jay

    Blue Jay


    "There's nothing wrong with my life. I should be happy. But there's this sadness and I don't know where it comes from."

    A lovely, melancholic stroll down the love that coulda, shoulda, woulda. If you are on a strict - one romantic movie a year diet, make sure that this is the one.