Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

“What kind of dining set defines you as a person?”

When crises, be it existential or mid-life, strikes, the boiling enigma inside your head starts forming a blurred answer. Some catch on to it some don’t. When I first saw Fight Club it changed something in me . I started seeing things differently. I started peeling off layers inside me that I never thought existed. Fight Club does that to you. Fincher’s 1999 cult classic was about letting go, it was about destroying something beautiful and also about believing that an individual is just an entity and not a blessing of God.

The film stripped and burnt down popularly beliefs of the burger eating crowd and made them into soaps. The Narrator represents a lost soul, Tyler Durden the messiah of destruction and Marla Singer a mere disturbance. All of them wear slippers of a generation defined by the number of channels their local cable operator showcases. In the course of the film you see them tossing around their slipper and playing around with it. But in their naivety is a message: What if the inner demon overpowers the fake face? Does the slipper then act like a weapon killing insects? Maybe so!

Based on the acclaimed novel by the same name, Fincher tore the book to shreds and made it his own. I haven’t seen a film like Fight Club all my life and probably won’t for the rest of it. Also, I checked on with Tyler Durden, he doesn’t mind me talking about it as I don’t wear Gucci underwears and go to gyms.

*Fades out with a distorted flash of a nice big cock*

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