Midsommar ★★★★★

I have seen this movie five times now and it hasn’t even been out for a year. 


The more I see this film, the less horrific it becomes. It more and more becomes watching a woman shed the toxicity from her life and learn to embrace her independence and self confidence. Yes the community that helps her do this are cannibalistic(arguable?) murderers, but their ritualistic theater-like hive mind mentality was a fantastic device to bring Dani through her arc of learning to let go. With it comes a strong but subtle commentary on the youth’s disrespectful and naive tendencies toward other cultures, an incredibly tasteful and realistic interpretation of psychedelic drug use, and some very beautifully tense horror. It’s everything I like about film - humanity captured at an elevated state.  Ya can’t put it in a genre box.

A standout of the year.

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