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  • Deathstalker II

    Deathstalker II


    Here we go...
    “How is an oracle supposed to make a living around here?”

    “Normally i dont mind seeing a woman take a beating...”

    Okay is this future or past ??

    One liners every 3 seconds
    Overall very tolerable and funny somehow

    Wait no electricty , no clothes really, no modern shit but somehow and 80s wrestling wring with turnbuckles ropes and all

    So many references to things that they just shouldnt even know about ... but maybe it is the future ???

    Pig people are nasty

  • Condor



    Really incredible tv pilot turned movie. Highly flawed in the best ways. Love the way actors get drenched in colored lights. Leeland palmer as mcguyveresque lead in a cyborg future world.

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  • Savage



    Near perfect film

  • Purple People Eater

    Purple People Eater


    A minute and a half in and i can tell this is all wrong. I am a teacher and the last day of school never even remotely looks or feels like that. They are jumping on trampolines... okay. But, the gym teachers (multiple?) let the class of 8 kids go (why multiple teachers?) and are like “schools out” And not just end of the day style, it’s like see you next year this shit is done done. No yearbooks, no…