Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★


The way the film just wades in its own sensuality is as impersonal as it is personal. It's a summer fling in the Italian countryside, an afternoon swim in the neighboring lake, a dance party with the village locals. It captures one's blossoming sexual relationship, an enrapturing hunger for another body, one who knows every curve of your body as well as you know theirs. Somebody to call yours and yourself. CMBYN is an emotion but not a romance. And that's ok. But the way the film also suggests that there is something more when it decidedly did not include any personal connection, any reasoning to believe that these two are in love, detracts from the ending and the investment of a >120min runtime. CMBYN tries to convince you that it's a date with your high school crush when in reality it's just a decent Grindr fare.

Maybe the taciturn ambivalence just got me confused.

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