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  • The Devils
  • Strange Days
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  • The Craft: Legacy


  • The Craft: Legacy


  • Mandy

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  • Civil War (Or, Who Do We Think We Are)

    Civil War (Or, Who Do We Think We Are)


    A bit scattered and strangely organized but still an important reflection on the conversations we're afraid to have.

  • Foxfire



    If I saw this at any point in high school I'd have been gayer.

    Maybe it's the drugs but I've never felt so damn seen by a movie. Like, holy shit this movie is THICK with a kind of unrequited LGBTQ coming-of-age pain and tension. Perfectly encapsulates...well...something, at the very least the heartbreaking and defining impermanent moments that make up adolescence, specifically a kind of girlhood. I thought Spun was going to reign as my favorite obscure underrated 90's darling but this...this right here.

    Also the end track was an emotional ride.