Annette ★★★

Carax angry, desperate, deprived musical bashes in somewhere between La La Lands touching grace in its best (the finale!), and an overstretched cringe attack in its worst (the birth scene!) moments.

the artists soul torn between the destructive, self loathing, object and audience hating forces and the enigmatic wisdom and gracious transcendence (of course ultimately also just transforming into death). squashed in between: the art, a clay puppet, but finally also: just a human child.

this is undeniably a great construction, but Carax isn't the guy for a musical honestly. it constantly feels like the genre is working against the artist using it, or rather the other way round. maybe he's so pessimistic by now that the only way Carax was getting around to make another movie was this relentlessly grim beast in shiny emperors clothing.

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