Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★

seriously, how did this ever get greenlit? just wow. Carpenter is god-tier, not only at filmmaking itself, but apparently also for selling stuff like this to what must have been full-coked execs.

this should never work on paper, not as an freaked out indy, and certainly not as a studio blockbuster (whut?). and yet here we are, with one of the most fun films I've seen in a while. it's a potpourri of classic action, comedy, martial arts and western and doesn't make any sense. there is some weird ghosts under full lightening, there's random (and amazingly beautiful) monsters emerging arbitrarily out of nowhere, there is an haphazard truck driver appearing out of place like this would be a porno. add a totally bonkers story and the reliably great score by Carpenter himself, and off we go to the carousel of love.

Kurt Russell in his hands down most annoying role as John Wayne tribute is pure gold. the dumb american infiltrating the asian culture with a blank, unreflected, sure-shot arrogance is both, a commentary on US film culture and a general collective mentality captured very accurately with this character alone. add peeky peak-years Kim Cattrall to the mix as self-empowered sidekick and - of course - the Jackie Chanesque Dennis Dun ruling the scenario and you got all you need for the fun ride. what's there not to love?

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