Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ½

can't remember my last Forrest Gump moment, but oh boy, here is it again - a film that is so obviously bad, utterly cynical and horrifying overrated, that you become a little psychotic for a moment, not knowing if you are dreaming or if this is real.

how is this not at 1.4 stars on here, homogeneously condemned by the community? to me, this is barely discussable. it's TV ugly, absolutely witless, and a king of the yawn, but that's not the point.

It is a calculated, manipulative and deceitful construct, tasteless and obscene. Hitler is an imagined (!) slapstick gimmick - a comic relief, colorfully sprinkling buffoon, a liberating laugh in a oh-so-harsh world... a world, that isn't too gruesome after all though, looking at the other clowns running around, - Sam Rockwell as always drunken, harmless (even eventually humanistic) SS officer or that fat blonde lady being a clumsy, innoxious goofball.

painting such a sloppy humoresque within the historically mind-boggling and artistically intangible is highly irreverent, justificated by the simplest narrative trick you could come up with - the hidden jewish girl, helping our protagonist going into the adolescence (being a nice plot catalyst by that en passant) aswell as giving moral relief for the spectator. in that way, this hypocritical mess is unmasked as a pseudo-satire, and can even transform into a flimsy, toothless and ultimately cynical feel-good-movie. wow.

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