• The Last Samurai

    The Last Samurai


    drunken, suicidal Tom Cruise (oh hell, this world of american hypocrisy!) is remarkably vital in his new task in Japan (money, and then honor talks), being the white side kick... sorry, protagonist!... to his master of exoticism and honor (always important: !!honor!!) Ken Watanabe, THE man for any asian role in the hollywood of the 2000s.

    something with samurai and codes and love (barely) and honor and a weak nation without proper protection by army noblemen and reactionary undertones like…

  • Atlantics



    problematic in many ways - starting with being an "African film" done by a director basically with european culture-bourgeoise background, to the exhibited exoticism right up to the ghost theme known from the self-proclaimed cinematic elitism of a Weerasethakul - this is still a decent arthouser.

    on the one hand, the magic realism tackles several points of social criticism neatly. migration, female empowerment, the narrowness of society - it's all there, without being addressed to heavy-handedly. also Dakar as place…

  • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World


    what a wave-riding and well articulated beauty. high mastery by Peter Weir and his crew on high seas, creating both a big historical storyline while giving a detailed look into the daily life on this warship in early 19th century.

    all of this looks at the same time like a clever, theatre staged chamber play and a legit, colossal blockbuster, creating intimacy on board while a thousand different characters are filling every frame (pulling my hat to Russell Boyds artistry).…

  • Knife+Heart



    Paris Dildoknife Massacre - surely appreciate the Cruising references but that's about it. the Giallo homage is safely embedded in trashy, postmodern and queer robes and never goes full genre, instead leaning towards an artsy film student vibe, that goes nowhere really. as tame as a neon ridden sex thriller can be.

  • Nosferatu the Vampyre

    Nosferatu the Vampyre


    what a full blown homage to the original, to the genre, to german expressionism, to film in general. might be Herzogs best. wasn't aware how good his gothic ride actually is.

    sets, decoration, framing, score, lighting - everything is absolutely stunning. some of the most impressive images and filmic moments I've seen in a while. breathes pure love for the art form. what a master Herzog was (/is). a true craftsman taking on big tasks, as we all know, but…

  • 303


    fancy 3 hours of cheaply written discussions about the evil of capitalism and the infeasibility of relationships, while heavily enhancing kitchen psychology with two self-righteous young hipster students, very lost in their lifes, having very much fun on their ride through europe, underlined with super-cool indy music? no? good for you.

  • Gefährliche Wahrheit

    Gefährliche Wahrheit


    cute how german television tries to copy american investigation thrillers. fails on nearly all levels - character design, dramaturgy and first and foremost the screenplay - but you can appreciate the effort.

  • The Transporter

    The Transporter

    always thought that Stathams inaugurationer would be a decent action flick, but am pretty shocked how poor this actually is on all levels possible - acting, cinematography, editing and score (oh gawd!). was this cheap shot really that popular back then, or was I just tripping?

  • The Bloom of Yesterday

    The Bloom of Yesterday


    adèle haenel hysterically stumbling through this mess of a mild little holocaust comedy is one of the saddest thing that happened to the arthouse circus in recent years.

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    you think this is a knocked off copycat wannabe clone of the starting sequence of Drive and it is and you get kinda existed and bored at the same time and then Bernthal and Hamm and Foxx are starting to talk and are so feeble-minded and crack-brained and then Elgort is starting to talk and is so stiff and then even Lily James is starting to talk and an annoying hysterical bird and Elgort and her having no chemistry at…

  • The Feast of the Chicken

    The Feast of the Chicken


    inverting the symbols, players, positions - post colonial studies done approx 20 years before it became a thing in popular academic discourses. in funny and without the stick up the arse.

  • The Siege

    The Siege


    the 90s. what a time for epochal blockbuster cinema. The Siege being one of these oddballs, creating a whole world of naive assertions, that are disproved by now (guantanamo, the US army taking inner city control and someone cares). as a pre 9/11 image though, this is kinda impressive. the idea of multiple terrorist attacks destabilizing the legislation and public life is intriguing and a famous scary story by the right-wing. to play through a "what would happen" scenario is…