Annette ★★★★½

Upon looking for The Lighthouse on Prime for a rewatch, I stumbled upon the fact that I had access to this movie at 10 pm the day before its release! What's up with that!!

One of the most unique and interesting movies I've seen in a long time. I hate to always say this but this was so Lynchian and like a Kaufman movie, and it felt more like an avant garde art piece than a movie; it was theatrical to say the least. It subverted every expectation I had for it, especially since the very beginning is so tonally different from the rest. The tone switches pretty consistently, which I could see why some people would be frustrated by this but I kind of loved it. It was weird and absurdist and wonderfully strange. I'll speak on a few more things.

Sparks nailed the soundtrack and score for the movie. It was an unorthodox and meta musical that was unlike any kind of musical I've certainly seen. This was a really nice entry point into their music and I will be looking into their stuff after this, especially the Edgar Wright doc since I adore him!

The actors completely nailed their respective roles, with Driver shining through as per usual. I really respect his willingness to partake in such strange and beautiful projects, especially since he hit the ground running with Star Wars. I know he has spoken on his respect for the indie filmmaking process in some interviews I've seen so it is great he hasn't abandoned his roots. He gives every performance he is in his all, and even if you aren't a fan of the guy I hope you can at least acknowledge that. One of my favorite working actors today.

Finally, the themes stuck out to me a lotttttt in this. LIke I would be so interested to see the different interpretations of the different motifs like the settings and appearances of the characters--so nuanced that I could only really notice them when dramatic changes were made. There is certainly a lot to unpack with this and I am really eagerly anticipating being able to talk about this with people. It's a hit or miss but give it a try!!! It worked well for me

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