Room ★★★★½

"Child actor" no longer means what it meant 20+ years ago. Ever since Dakota Fanning, child actors have been supreme. That is undoubtedly accurate here. This child, Jack, played by Jacob Tremblay, is Room . He is the film. Brie Larson is amazing and all but this kid is what I took away from this film. He is the vision. He is the light at the end of the tunnel. He is who I kept thinking about after seeing Room. After all this is his story, it's told from his point-of-view, which is incredible because her story is obvious. We've seen the abducted young girl who becomes a sex slave to a sick man and becomes ill and pregnant before, but never the child, never what happens to that kid, how the kid sees things. The kid either dies, too young, or in the background. Room puts the kid in the forefront. The product of the abduction. That is what makes this film different, stand out, and so incredible.

We go on a voyage with Jack, seeing the world for the first time. We get glimpses of his thoughts, his reactions, and how he and his mom take care of each other. The filmmakers of Room have got to be the most patient people ever to have filmed in such tight spaces. That room is super small and it's even smaller in that closet where Jack hides. Small spaces are captured often in this film. This further proves the passion behind this film and it seeps through on screen. I love it, I enjoyed this heavily. It's full of strong performances and has rigorous depth in every fashion.