Lamb ★★★★

At last watched this movie.

This movie was a meditative experience. I thought I was not going to like this movie, but I sort of love it. The premise is odd but highly connectable. You don't get answers to a lot of questions most of them are ambiguous, and I really like it. Thinking about the answers ourselves makes this movie even more interesting. Not everything had to be spoon fed to the audience. Noomi Rapace was amazing in this movie. She was a woman with a tragic past and her action sometimes though wrong, feels justified. The rest 2 actors were great in their role too.

The atmosphere of this movie is eerie but also soothing, the cinematography here is stunning. The direction was really great. I get people may not end up liking this movie, I really do, even I don't like some of the A24 movies but this one has a heart that is beating and you can feel it. The movie was slow and tragic for the first 20 minutes and happy and warm for the next 1 hour and shell shocking for the last 10 minutes. The movie is about Karma and how it comes back to you for sure.

This was quite an experience, I might not watch this movie again for sometime but my first reaction to this movie was emotional and shocking, I hope I conveyed my feeling towards this movie. This movie gets a solid 81%.

PS - The first movie ever made was a horse running for 30 minutes, people were gasping looking at that. Just like that this just a different work to be experienced. Opinions differ but the experience is unique.

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