Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre ★★★½

An awesome start to 2023 with this kickass flick from Guy Ritchie.

This movie is a blast from start to finish. Ritchie seemed really confident here as the man goes full throttle with his action and jokes. Doesn’t matter if it was silly as the the writing embraces the silliness and have a amazing time with it’s cliche fun plot. The movie is nothing without it’s atrocious cast. Everyone is having a great time here. Jason Statham was killing it in his stoic hilarious moments and shines in his badass sequences. Aubrey Plaza went full fun mode and gave an outrageously funny slick performance. Hugh Grant stole every scene he was in, a delicious baddy role. His combination scenes with Josh Hartnett character was hilarious. Cary Elwes was great here, it was good to see him after a long time.

The story is very basic but the execution of Ritchie is delightful and the way he packaged this product was highly satisfying. The movie jumps to many locations and that enhanced the fun somehow for me. The villains and their ambition was as dumb as it could get but I did not mind as long I get Statham kicking ass, Plaza being sexily silly and Grant being so cool.

A fun escapism movie that gave me want I want. An absolute watch to all Guy Ritchie fans.

A solid 79% for this.

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