Back to the Future Part II ★★★★½

I know this isn’t the point or the focus of the movie at all, but I was struck by the role of police officers in this movie. They saw Jennifer in an alley, assumed she was passed out due to substances, picked her up and dropped her back off at her home. They didn’t detain her for “public intoxication,” or “disorderly conduct,” they prioritized her safety and got her back home so she could recover (as they assumed) in a safe location.

With everything that’s currently going on in the US, I couldn’t stop thinking about this little, insignificant part of the movie. It hurts that people in the 1980s, when imagining a better future, thought of a future in which police officers truly advocated for public safety (at least based off what we see). And we’re nowhere close to that. Maybe one day.

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