TÁR ★★★★★

but can classical art forms so hand in hand with power abuse and violence thrive in an era of surveillance and accountability? was Bach ever really "Bach" or was his real name something less exciting? In the end, TÁR has to pay for her own (tamil!) driver, something even her far inferior predecessor wasn’t accounted for. The last frame, and the PS3 music of the remaining end credits isn’t mourning the titular figure. It’s the death of her art, homicidal and suicidal at once. How far would you go if you had the inordinate power to stop time? Is today’s artistic legacy strong enough to endure the present? Bach. Mozart. Bernstein. TÁR? Well, if you’re willing to sublimate yourself to the composer, sure.

gays if Lydia TÀR was real: she may be difficult but boy can she conduct! 

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