Annette ★★★★½

A shift of language and of genre seemed too much for a director to master… and yet, ANNETTE is, against all odds, an absolutely towering work of Leos Carax. Carax's long-awaited ANNETTE, a prizewinner at Cannes 2021, and co-written with Sparks, is an unbelievable triumph of filmmaking that juggled high art, anti-comedy and a digestible love story. It's a film full of dazzling cinematography, gorgeous colours, and wonderfully oddball nuances.

The performances here are top-notch, too, especially from Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard, and Simon "Wolowitz" Helberg, and Devyn McDowell. Driver, in particular, is spectacular in his role as Henry McHenry AKA The Ape of God, and has a good singing voice to back it up. In this case, suddenly his physical appearance becomes excellent. The massive scale of his physical presence, his deep voice and his dedication to his performance, which may be the best he has given to date, makes him crucial to what this film is aiming for.

The music and songs by the American pop and rock brother-duo, work wonders with the movie. I’m so glad that even the simplest songs work well in the movie, and the integration of the music with the plot is spot on. This is really just an audio-visual treat to behold.

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