Dunkirk ★★★★★

so, here we are. I've been anticipating this film ever since it was first rumoured/announced and its probably the movie I've most looked forward to in my entire life. 
It did not disappoint. 
when I got home from the cinema I made a thread on twitter about my initial thoughts so I'm just gonna copy that here because I'm too exhausted to write another review, but when I see it again, which is extremely likely, I'll probably pick up on other details and be able to write a review in more depth.
- the film score was absolutely fantastic, hans zimmer is amazing as always and it was so tense and gripping & I was always on the edge of my seat
- the cinematography & visual effects, as I suspected they were gonna be, were gorgeous, the colour palettes were beautiful, especially the shots from the plane and of the sea!!!
- the acting was brilliant, this really is an ensemble cast and they all did fantastic!! - - -- fionn, harry, tom gc, mark & Kenneth's characters stood out to me the most, and I especially loved the way the film played with the concept of morals and how war affects people, specifically with harry & cillian's characters.
- cillian was fantastic as always and it always astounds me how he can convey so much emotion through his eyes and facial expressions. 
- as for harry, I think he may have been my favourite character & I'm biased because I love harry but he did so well to bring an arguably unlikeable character to life and give him depth so the audience could see into his point of view & empathise with his actions and state of mind. 
- I thought fionn was brilliant too and I'm sure he's gonna have a great acting career ahead of him!!
- the concept of telling the story in three different ways was incredibly interesting and made you realise each little detail that was in an event the scale of Dunkirk. 
- Christopher Nolan is a fantastic director & he's gone and made another breathtaking film, with a mixture of harrowing scenes that really show the gritty details of war, and also brilliant scenes of camaraderie, especially the ending scenes, which show just how impressive a feat dunkirk was. I am truly blown away, it's one of the most fantastic, well put together films I have seen in a long time and my year long anticipation has well been worth it!!!!
Truly deserving of five stars!! I'm a huge history and film buff and this was a perfect combination of both

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