The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★

"I feel like I'm not alone in this world.

Loneliness breeds longing breeds loneliness breeds longing...
At the heart of The Double Life of Véronique, lies the quest for connection and company. In some unfathomable way through the mysterious workings of the universe, in some unknown, perhaps unknowable way, the lonely do find that they are connected. Connected to what? To whom? They don't know, and it doesn't matter. You're not alone. ‘Tis like awaking from a dream, half-seen, half-felt, unrecognisable and inexplicably real... but also... not.
Like looking at yourself through a tinted glass. Connection is but a refraction of yourself.

"They're sharing a drink called Loneliness
But it's better than drinking alone...”
- Billy Joel, Piano Man

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