Imaginur ★★★★½

this movie left me speechless after it ended. i dont know if its because i expected less from a local movie but its very much beyond what i think a local movie is capable of showing.

the first part of the movie was quite confusing, i had no idea what was happening. but the second part really made everything, makes sense. its not difficult to understand what its all about after you watch the ending. and for that i think this is a very well thought and nicely plotted.

the shots are so beautiful i didnt know a local production is able to produce a high quality film like this. the shots in the dream realm especially, are breathtaking.

aside from the plot, the acting is definitely something wortg to note. i deeply appreciate great acting and beto & diana never disappoint. they're amazing! you can feel each and every emotion they potray. great, great acting.

lastly, i saw some people were saying there are so many loopholes especially on the relationship zuhal and nur has in the film. but to me, its totally unnecessary to look into it further. i think what the movie's trying to convey is that the past cannot hold you back. just remember the feeling but you have to live in the present, with the people that matters; in the present. teehee.

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