Scarborough ★★★★★

what can i even say about this film that can describe how beautiful and incredible and full of life it is, this film is a whole world and community that live far beyond the film’s beginning and end. it’s more than 2 hours which i would normally be annoyed by but this film deserves that runtime and more, i could sit with these characters for so much longer. i don’t even know what to say, cried like 5 times in this film including right until the very end because of the happiness and joy that youre left with despite the pain of so much innocence and so much heartbreak. if you live in toronto / gta this film will feel so familiar to you, it’s like i’ve been to every location and seen every person that says hi and has their moment, however small it may be, most without malice and only with humility and joy of community, the respect that’s coupled with human connection. every character is real; these are probably the realest characters i’ve ever seen in a film, i mean that so honestly - each character is full and beautiful and so much life is in them, 2 hours is more than enough time to feel connected to them in a way that i only feel towards real people in my life. their humanity is unwavering. this film takes place in my / our childhood, these are our schools, these are our friends. some of these scenes could’ve been taken right out of my 4th grade class on a day that should’ve been a snow day when we felt such a specific kind of excitement and friendship, the kind that can only come around before you turn 10. ms hina is the teacher that i wish i had but i wish more that people i know could’ve had her, because she would have changed their lives. sylvie and bing and laura are the most sincere and beautiful and perfect kids that they were making me cry when they were happy or supported unconditionally by their moms because i was just overwhelmed with how much love i could feel towards them and their larger than life little kid personalities through a screen. their innocence was so heartbreaking. this is a film about community, friendship, strength, family, hard work, sacrifice, childhood, grief, morality, and what it means to be human. but above all it’s about love, maybe the best film about love ive ever seen. these families are truer than life. i genuinely cant express how perfect this film is and how much love and gratitude and necessary pain i feel towards it it’s unreal. the best most accurate film i’ve seen about childhood since the florida project, maybe even better. this is a film made for people that live in the gta and if u do, you have to watch it (catch it at tiff) this is an absolutely necessary viewing. this film is about our home and about our community and our families and friends. it’s about what it means to be canadian and the way our communities thrive off of diversity and how beautiful that diversity is. but wherever you live if you watch this film i swear the love and sadness and innocence and joy of being a child coupled with the exhaustion and sacrifice and wisdom and unconditional care of being a parent will touch you in a way u could never expect. THE realest film i have ever seen and a favourite forever, the love i now have for this film is soooo deserved. if you get a chance, watch this film it’s so important. the love and connection that you’ll feel from it is worth the sadness AND the runtime. i never thought i would wish a 2 hour movie was longer. if you live in the gta and watch one film this year let it be this one!!!!!!! all my love

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