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  • Big Little Lies: New Lies

    Big Little Lies: New Lies


    Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz. Thank you, what a season! Not better than the first one but still brilliant.

    We don't need a third season... but I'm gonna miss these women.

  • Spider-Man



    Rewatching this movie made me realize two things:
    - How much I love and (mostly) despise this trilogy
    - My crush on James Franco

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  • Midsommar



    One of my most anticipated movies of the year, I really wanted to see it asap and I managed to get to see the movie before my country's release date (july 25th).

    My first reaction when the credits started rolling was WOW... This is the most layered, constructed and disturbing movie I’ve seen. A very strong leading performance from Florence Pugh. The details that went into this are insane, Ari Aster is a great director and writer. He has put…

  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    I guess they tried? I mean they knew the big leap they would take of making a live-action of something so loved by everyone. 

    I had a really great time, but of course I can’t help but compare it to the 1994 version and its simply incomparable.

    * honorable mention
    A standing ovation for the people that did the casting because Beyoncé, Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner were damn on point!!

    + an extra 1/2 star because they gave me a free poster
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