Cruella ★★½

Five ladies walked into the showing late and spent a few minutes continually changing their seats and whispering loudly to each other. They finally got settled in, and then this kid started making noise. One of the women got up, walked over to the kid and told him to "please shut the fuck up." The kid's mom yelled at her and called her a "white trash bitch" and she yelled back and called her fat, and a major shouting match broke out. They walked out and continued fighting right outside, and at this point half the audience had gotten up to watch them instead of the movie (I was sitting all the way in the back, so I was able to do both). AND THEN I HEARD THE SOUND OF A TASER. THE MOM TASED THE OTHER LADY. TWICE. The mom stormed back into the theater, grabbed her child (she was still holding the taser) and rushed out SO FAST. About a minute later the movie paused and soon after the cops showed up. They listened to all our accounts, and then the theater manager offered us refunds or to just go into the next showing. The movie was alright, but the experience was unforgettable. Living in NYC is so fun.

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