Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

I snorted out my Gatorade when the title card popped out of Mrs Voorhees' dead face. These movies just keep getting better! Major Halloween influences as Jason is suddenly shot from diff angles, and stalks his victim's similar to Michael Myers. There's also a kill straight from Nightmare on Elm Street. ALSO he's apparently invincible but that's not really new. This is not an unrelenting slasher like Part II or as straightforward as either of it's predecessors, but when it gets going it goes much harder. These movies aren't trying to be great and this installment is probably the most fun. As someone who went to summer camp for many years, this captures the campy vibe as well as the fear of being alone in the middle of nowhere perfectly. Also, the guy who pays Rick, uh...**looks up name**...Paul Kratka, looks and sounds like Elliot Gould.

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