Lawrence of Arabia ★★★★

Since it's so long and there's very little chance I'll see it again, here's 2 shitty reviews instead of the usual 1.

Review #1

"Look! A pillar of fire!"
"No Lord. Dust."

If the movie took a less objective perspective and felt more personal, the score would be higher. A 4 hour movie without any real emotional attachment is kinda hard to sit through I'm not gonna lie. I suppose in 4 hours it would have to choose a path and it chose scale over personality. It's still a powerful story of a man who's ego won't allow him to quit the very thing that's destrying him. His superiors feed his ego and savior complex between his missions, and so he keeps going. Ultimately he’s betrayed and broken by his country, which comes off as a pillaging force more than anything. We don't write our own stories.

Review #2

Lawrence of Arabia in 10 seconds or less:

Desert: big
Fighting: bad
Englishman: American**
Politics: annoying
Eyes: gorgeous
Movie: long af

**by which I mean his whole motivation was that these fuckers weren't gonna get in his way so he inadvertently saves the middle east because he just doesn't understand their culture, at least for the first half

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