Naked ★★★★½

"Are you taking a piss?!"
"You're fucking giving it away, aren't you?"

Johnny is a man who, by circumstance but mostly choice, has no life. He has no job, no family, no friends. He convinces himself he exists by imposing his rage on the streets, going on late night ramblings to strangers about the meaninglessness of humanity and the depravity of humans, and he absolutely ruins everybody's night. He has no chance at finding a moment of solace because he disrupts every environment he joins. He's agressive, he's selfish, he's self-important, he's a liar. But he's not evil. Johnny is a dick; Sebastian is a demented asshole. There's a constant juxtaposition between the two, and we see that no matter how mean or cruel Johnny's actions and words can be he doesn't really have a vicious intent, whereas Sebastian always has the victim's complete demolition in mind. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this comparison as I haven't fully figured it out yet but there's so much here and a lot of deeply, uncomfortably honest material so I thought I'd just try to break down something specific.

I have no idea if this is true but it seems obvious to me that Johnny was a huge inspiration for Connie in Good Time.

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