Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain ★★★★

1) find someone with money
2) make him give you everything he owns
3) make America a better place

Literally The Wolf of Wall Street (also 2013), and I mean literally - from the opening narration all the way down to snorting cocaine from a hooker's ass - but instead of the refined artistic sensibilities of Scorsese, it's a berserk, overblown action movie on steroids, conveyed with the raucously vulgar auteurism of Michael Bay. Bay's outlandishly excessive style perfectly matches the absurd excess of the substance, pairing together in a whirlwind of oversaturated colors, splattering blood, aggresively loud dark comedy, and, fittingly for the director, characters who treat their bodies like robots. With his signature militant lack of subtlety, Michael Bay may have created an actual intelligent movie.

I don't just want everything you have. I want you not to have it.

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