Scream ★★★★

movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative

Slashers have pretty strict rules, and we all know them. In fact, we all know them to the point that the movies have become overly predictable, and less interesting as a result. But what if the characters were aware they were in a slasher, and they were also aware of the formula? Scream establishes itself firmly inside the slasher sub-genre with all the laws that entails, and then goes meta. In that way, it manages to act as a satire of the genre, pointing out how obvious everything is; a loving homage to the fun it's been to this point; and also a rejuvenation, a look forward to the genre's future. Even with all the rules spelled out clearly and with all the characters fully aware of them, its self-parodical core doesn't detract from its ability to be subversive, thrilling, and so much fun. Scream is both a reminder that slashers are vapid, as well as a testament to why they're so beloved.

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