Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★½

The first act is deeply cynical in a way that can only come from true passion. And also like only true passion, the love for the craft and the life far outweighs the cynicism and makes way for a delightful, insightful experience. It's a film that loves film, and it can't help but show it. Gene Kelly gives an outstanding performance of a celebrity, almost exploding with intensity yet always exuding a suave persona.

The scene that really stood out to me is the Make Em Happy dance. Donald O'Connor, who is absolutely brilliant as Cosmo, announces, "My dad said, 'Be an actor my son, but be a comical one!'" He then proceeds to repeat the lyrics "make em laugh" as his dance goes a bit off the rails with him bumping into things and doing some fascinating and hilarious physical comedy. However, as we near the end of the song we start to sense that he is getting desperate - he starts stumbling more often, and much harder. He's a bit out of breath; It takes him just a bit longer to recover after each intentional mishap. He doesn't seem to be totally in control any more. I think this is meant to be a metaphor for Hollywood stardom and the downfall of older actors, or in this case actors who exist in an outdated world.

This would make a great double feature with either La La Land for the Hollywood glamour and romanticism, or with Sunset Boulevard for Lina's inevitable tragic arc.

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