Soul ★★★★½

Pixar has been existential since the day they gave toys an identity crisis in 1995, and although in recent years they may have gotten rid of the middleman that is metaphors and shifted their focus to personifying the hyperliteralization of the ideas themselves - be it the emotions in our heads or the souls in our hearts - these efforts have arguably only increased their powers of telling life-affirming stories. With Soul, Pixar achieves their softest touch since Ratatouille, presenting an emotionally resonant adventure about the importance of appreciating the simple joys of life and the pleasures we are gifted, of recognizing and valuing the fundamental delights of being human. As overly literal as the film appears to be, it uses its setting - a place where the souls experience consciousness but none of the 5 senses - to demonstrate how much we truly have to be alive for. This is a true return to form and might just be Pixar's most enlightening experience in over a decade.

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