The Babysitter: Killer Queen ★★★

Netflix makes a few different kinds of movies: Oscar contenders (Marriage Story, Roma), bland movies that they over-hype for attention (Bird Box, Project Power, Bright), Noah Centineo originals, a host of Sandler originals, and occasionally they stumble on a random hit like The Babysitter or The King. And sometimes they get so excited about one of their low-budget hits actually doing well they release a sequel.

And release a sequel they did! I was very nervous that this would be terrible, but as much as I don't enjoy praising Netflix, the premise is way too perfect classic b-horror fodder that even they couldn't mess it up, arguably even elevating it from the first. It's so bloody stupid, and perfect as a sequel to the first movie. Nobody in this series ever dies without their entire heads EXPLODING, not even a deer. It's loud, raucous, wild, just simple classic stupid bloody fun. Netflix handled this one really well.

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