The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Religion has overtaken morality. The biggest lesson learned from God is His wrath; barbaric vengeance is the sign of an upstanding, God-fearing citizen. Identifying and being accepted as religious is more integral to a place in the community - and even one's own consciousness, one's own sense of guilt and shame - than actually doing the right thing. The true purpose of existence for every human being on their journey of life is to recognize God. Such emphasis is placed on this metaphysical concept that basic humanity is forgotten in search of spiritual highs and otherworldly excuses for worldly and even immoral pleasures.

and we get it - Tom Holland has a very pretty face. they show a whole scene of him getting beat up and then say it's a miracle he didn't "end up in the hospital," but he barely even has a nosebleed 😅

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