The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

I briefly considered analyzing the film to the extent I understood it, but besides for the fact that I'm just not arrogant enough to do so after a single viewing (I'm pretty close to be fair), I also feel that the film would mock me for even trying. For almost 2 hours Jodorowski carefully crafts a provocatively profound enigma, presenting his film as though it's about the search for symbolism in art, only to ultimately insist on the futility of such an endeavor. The film explores themes of religion, sex, war, politics, consumerism, money, art, technology, and drugs, insisting that the viewer try and piece together what it all means, only to end with the director telling the audience that you're wasting your time and energy. The Pantheon Bar represents the idea that the things that satisfy most people – sex, drugs, alcohol, art, and athletics – are shackles that prevent you from achieving your goals. The film demands that you face the fact that you just wasted 2 hours of your life on this world, when you could have been doing something actually worthwhile.

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