The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things ★★½

"Like everyone else is dreaming and you're the only one who's awake."

It's Groundhog Day exclusively for adolescents, and while that may sound overly derivative it actually does attempt to translate it for the demographic. It's most similar to Palm Springs, and where that film uses the never-ending day as a vehicle to explore the existentialism of adult mundanity, this movie applies it to a specifically adolescent mindset, that of teenage self-centrism and the idealized view of one's personal future that brings with it weighty adult responsibilities. Unfortunately, its attempts at making a movie for adolescents result in mostly feeling like a hodgepodge of already tired YA cliches. It doesn't do anything interesting with the Groundhog Day premise, and the Groundhog Day premise doesn't provide any genuine insight into the teenage experience.

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