The Night House

The Night House ★★★½

By all accounts this is Rebecca Hall's show, as she embodies the sort of anger that is so often synonymous with feelings of loss, while also epitomizing the crushing loneliness that threatens to smother her character. But while the movie works as well as it does because of its center performance, Bruckner doesn't merely depend on his lead, meeting her with a mesmerizing visual style that makes active use of the foreboding voids around her, constructing absences that have their own meaning. The film combines the terror of the unknown with the mystery of it: this is the rare movie where we want her to go through that door or down those stairs, even though we know that what she finds will keep us up at night. Grief explored through horror is not exactly new territory, but The Night House does something new. Ultimately it is disarmingly, terrifyingly wholesome, about how nature and the very fabric of the universe is evil and our only hope for salvation is through trusting the ones who love us.

horror as a vehicle

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