I really like obscure, weird, scary, and violent movies.

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  • Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

    Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning


    Man, these movies are something else.
    Whoever had the idea to hand this franchise over to John Hyams is a goddamn genius, it's rare to see a director take a previously established IP and take it in a completely new, brave, and 100% superior direction. Watching Regeneration and this back to back was so fun.
    Overall, I'd say this movie is a lot more "uneven" than Regeneration, while it's somewhat more interesting and weird I overall probably enjoyed it less.

    These are both absolutely worth your time though, regardless of how you felt about the original Universal Soldier.

  • Village of Doom

    Village of Doom


    For the record, I watched this movie with awful, poorly timed subtitles, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit!
    The build-up to the infamous massacre is quite long, making up most of the movie, but it's well executed and acted, moving along quite nicely.
    The last 20 minutes of the movie are indeed as horrifying as promised, abandoning the cheesy soundtrack from the rest of the movie in favor of complete silence.
    The genre-typical over-the-top violence is nowhere to…

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  • Homunculus



    Homunculus is one of the greatest seinen Manga of all time, it is without a doubt a true masterpiece, and a work that I've wanted to see adapted into other media for quite a while.
    And the first hour or so does a decent job at this, albeit seriously condensed.
    The second half of the movie however, which attempts to adapt the latter and darker half of the manga, is a laughable disaster.
    Major plot points are significantly changed or…

  • Hereditary



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