Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

Why, oh why, did it take me so goddamn long to watch his movie? I guess it was just one of those things that had always meant to happen but never did. Finally, 15 years after its release, here we are.

And what a film this is, unconventional satire, genuinely funny and gratuitously violent. Its success, I feel, lies almost squarely with the story, even though the script, the acting and the direction are flawless - the story and its outcome, when I look back on it, actually makes sense and the results are chilling and memorable.

Since watching this film, I have also watched Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, however, all I can think about is Fight Club. That to me makes a brilliant film. Originally, before writing this review, I rated it 4.5 stars, but as it still hasn't left my mind (and doesn't feel like it will do anytime soon) I am upping it to 5 stars.


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