After Hours

After Hours ★★★

I was pretty intrigued by the first 30 minutes, and was loving every second of the movie. But as it went on, each thing that happened got slightly stupider and stupider each time, to the point where the movie stopped working for me at all. It's slightly surreal and absurdist, but those elements don't really seem to have any point in the movie and they stopped me from caring about what was happening to the protagonist. It doesn't matter if he gets the money for the subway, because something else absurd would happen to keep stopping him from getting home. It doesn't matter if he gets his keys back, because something even more absurd would again prevent him from getting home. It doesn't matter if he's encased in a sculpture, because we know something even more absurd is just gonna happen to get him out. Everything was so unbelievable, and the character actions were all so unrealistic, that you feel like you're completely at the whim of whatever the writer wants to do next. It's not a good sign when you feel the plot being manipulated at the whim of the screenwriter, instead of the characters.