Welcome II the Terrordome

Welcome II the Terrordome ★★★★

Didn’t expect to like this, instead, ended up loving it to bits and shedding a tear or two….

I have this love-and-hate relationship with MUBI - even though they offer decent categorisation, catering for different tastes and needs, I still pick my titles on MUBI fairly randomly - unless it’s the case of “oh, I wanna see this movie, let’s see if it’s on MUBI”, I just scroll up n down, left n right, and then press a hard stop, basically playing a MUBI roulette. So, 2 days ago MUBI’s drum raffle picked Welcome II the Terrordome.

First, some bits of trivia:

The first film directed by a Black British woman to receive a UK theatrical release.

The whole setting of dark dystopia where Black people have been relegated to living in a slum, the Terrordome, was impressive yet a bit confusing - not that it mattered that much narrative- and the overall message-wise, I found its “neither US nor UK” setting a bit weird. Of course, it’s a universal story of racism but many things seemed Americanised yet it was a British cast, British director/writer, with also some references to the UK, such as BNP or the killing of Roland Adams in 1991, or the British accent. Dunno, perhaps it was done intentionally as, like I said, a story of racism doesn't need to be tied geographically.

What singing can we hear, that sounds too much like moaning. Our Motherland is left behind.

I loved how apt the soundtrack was, even great, and at times, it was even performed live, as part of the plot.

Acting, in all honesty, left a lot to be desired, but given how strong the message was, it balanced it out.

Would recommend!

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