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It's getting late and I'm getting a lil loopy, so we're just gonna rank all of young!Rose's Looks. Sorry that I'm super bad at explaining fashion, it's 2am.

11. The yellow dress. I think her only outfit I don't like. The dress looks super uncomfortable which is maybe the point but either way the fabric is weirdly tight especially in the skirt. Kate Winslet is a massive cutie though so that mostly makes up for it.

10. The blink-and-you'll-miss-it black and white dress. Literally only see it for two seconds as she and her mother walk to dinner but it looks really pretty and I think there was a flower on it.

9. Melancholy nightdress. Honestly the dress is pretty middle of the road, but Kate Winslet's hair in this scene? Stunning. Wish she wore it down more in the movie tbh (before she's nearly dying of pneumonia).

8. The corset. Corset's are awesome.

7. Suicide dress. The symbolism of the colours is A+ with the red and black, but even without that it still rules. The black beads and lace are so goddamn pretty, and they're kind of single-handedly responsible for getting Jack and Rose together.

6. Cal yelling at her. We see this dress only for a couple minutes but it already curb stomps most of the others. The flowers at the top are so fucking pretty, and her hair? Guys, Kate Winslet has such great hair in this movie, and this loose plait is very good look.

5. Wanna go to a real party dress. Sort of a better version of Suicide dress, more black lace and jewels on this one. Also her hair is better and she's wearing fancy gloves.

4. Survival dress. It's really fortunate that half the movie has her in such a knockout. The soft purples and pinks that are all flowy and ethereal, and end up being easy to run and swim in? Ugh, get you a dress that can do both.

3. Kissing dress. So much stuff here and it's all great. The blue coat-thingy that has truly the best design! The little touches of white! The shawl/scarf/whatever! Her hair pinned up with the butterfly pin!! Dare I say, the most underrated look.

2. The white and purple suit. The movie starts off strong. Most iconic character entrance ever, and at least half of that is because of the banging hat. But then her hairstyle under the hat is even more banging???

1. The! Green! Dress! One of the greatest pieces of fashion in all of cinema. The shade of green, the small designs, the orange belt, the lace on the arms, the white skirt, the way it goes so well with her hair colour, AH! No wonder Jack fell in love with her instantly.

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