Titanic ★★★★★

Jaime Decided To Watch Titanic As Many Times As Possible In A 24-Hour Period ― Watch #6

This is going to be my last watch so here are some miscellaneous thoughts:
• Kate Winslet is so good in this. That moment when Cal gives her the necklace and you can see on her face that she regrets not jumping is so heartbreaking. I don't think she was the best in her category that year but I do think she's better than Helen Hunt so I'm gonna say that she was robbed.
• Cameron is so good at showing the horror of what's happening. The dome breaking is fucking terrifying, with everyone clawing at each other in an attempt to stay alive for just a few seconds longer and people being sucked in to their death from the outside when the windows break. And that's just one example. You can tell he has a background in horror films.
• I'm always surprised by how funny this is until the very end. The ship is literally about to break in half but Jim still has a guy walking slowly up the stairs ahead of Jack and Rose talking about the valley of death and Jack shoving him while saying "you wanna walk a little faster through that valley."
• Billy Zane is flawless in this. No man has ever played a campy villain so well while still making them feel like a real person. The way he grabs the gun off Lovejoy and starts running after them [chefs kiss] Kind of sad he didn't have much of a career after this.
• Jim in general is fucking wild with every choice in this film. The! Titanic! Is! Sinking! and he's still like "hmmm we need Cal shooting at them for extra drama." What a madman!
• Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch and Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave are the best pieces of music on the whole score, which as a whole slaps. It's dumb and cheesy and I love it.
• Kathy Bates rules in general, but especially in this, and I love her.
• And finally, here's my 2 cents on the "Jack could have fit on the door" debate: anyone who says that is an idiot who wants to be a contrary asshole. Cameron clearly shows us him trying to get on it and the weight being too much. But beyond that, it also doesn't matter because it's more about the symbolic nature of it, both in Jack sacrificing himself for Rose and more broadly a third-class man dying so a first-class woman can live. Shut up about the damn door.

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