6 Underground ★★★★★


Much more than 'Bayhem', which usually consists of sustained formalistic excess within wonky, poorly-paced narratives of childish escapades, casual racism, and river streams of vulgarity. This has all that, don't worry, but it's within a plot structure of a tightly wound, often unbearably breakneck adventure. This puts the pedal to the metal from frame fucking one and never, not once, lets up, even if it thinks that it's slowing down (spoiler: it's not). Bay's plasticity finally meshes with a story that is just as meaningless as the deployed destruction. Every moment is Maximum Bay, built to ceaselessly, viciously entertain as it rummages through covert capitalist institutions and the ultimate fallibility of the American military state. Often veers past genre stylists like Mann and Tony Scott to ultimately find an experimental, off-hand pace similar to Late-Malick. Think Knight of Cups but with Parkour, magnet technology, cars and bodies and buildings being endlessly mangled, and more sunglasses. A flunked-out crazy-pants masterpiece.

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