A Ghost Story ★★★★★


"A Ghost Story’s subversion lies in the genre in which it’s placed. Announcing its intentions as a ‘ghost story’, Lowery plays with every expectation of the ‘haunted house movie’, and the thrills which usually accompany them. Our ghost, C’s specter covered with an eerily white bed sheet, isn’t a volatile demon or an outrageous manifestation, but a childlike vision soaked in innocence. His presence is entirely passive, forced to wander his rental space and observe time’s inevitability—the changing tenants, the years passing by like seasons. From this adorable, gentle touch, much of the conventional ‘horror’ of a ‘haunted house movie’ is upended. A scene where a single mother and her two children are preyed upon by the spirit is nothing more than the ghost’s physical release of his own frustrations. In any other genre film, the actions of the afterlife are villainous, and this is no different, but there is reasoning and empathy behind his actions."

I love this deeply silly and catastrophically beautiful movie. More here.

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