Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant ★★★½


Some random bits and pieces:

- First 45 minutes, leading up to the attack in the fields, is staggering. A sight and sound show of texture and flair, taking its sweet time in the evocation of production design, thematic foundations, character development, and special effects wizardry. It felt like Ridley dug up B-Roll from the original Alien; measured, dazzling, mysterious.

- But whenever Scott has to *do* things (ie: ramp up structure, build a climax, construct further depths in the middle section) is when Covenant starts to falter; as monsters and doubles and cardboard types start splurting and dying, I lost interest. The careful attention to sound and image is forgotten.

- Cast is stellar. Fassbender is as great as you've heard. Katherine Waterston is a star.

- The ending is the darkest shit but oh my it works.

- If anything else, let's talk about the medical-room scene. Grosstastic!

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