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This review may contain spoilers.


"We love each other so much" repeated endlessly, a lyric encapsulating the woozy horrors and absurdity of Leos Carax's latest dreamy cinematic excursion. Annette mines significant truth out of the elaborate constructs of fame and celebrity. Is love a reality in Carax's world? Is Hollywood merely a stage for the pains and frustrations of the rich and powerful? The ideas here aren't revolutionary by any means but Carax's filmic toolbox is as stunning as ever. Just as the waves begin as projections and manifest physically on their boat, or how 'Annette' is born as a puppet only to eventually escape her exploitation and transform into a real girl - the film seems to offer a progression from artifice to reality. An escape from what we create for ourselves, and it's only when we look back that we see how damaging it once was. There's catharsis and understanding in this film, and also a great deal of pain in its narcissism. But gosh, I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

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