Christmas with the Kranks ★★


"When Christmas movies find their way into the conversation, distinctions of quality usually fall by the wayside. As much as we love It’s a Wonderful Life, Bad Santa, Elf, and A Christmas Story, most films revolving around the holiday are terrible, and it’s never really a problem. I can’t think of any family gathering around for an evening and debating the merit of something like Rudolph or Christmas Vacation. No matter their merit, most Christmas movies work as intended, selling the consumerist spirit of the holiday while pushing the traditional themes of family, love, and togetherness. Even if they’re bad, I often look forward to watching them year after year.

But there are some so outlandish, so ludicrous, so dark in their gaping void of awfulness, that they must be confronted. They can’t just stand there and continue to be Christmas movies played over and over at your relatives’ houses. We have to sit back as an audience and say, “how did we let this happen?” How could a film so wrong become so imbedded in the holiday movie canon?

This is my eternal mood regarding Christmas with the Kranks."

Happy holidays to you all. Wishing you the very best. Check out a free Christmas with the Kranks piece up on my Patreon, and enjoy some riffs on Tim Allen.

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